Dear Friends, in order to search for your biological parents you need a "Special Power of Attorney", which will allow me to legally undertake the task of applying for personal information on them. Greece has a very strict law on adoption and the Hellenic Data Protection Authority requests that we comply with this rule.

For more info please contact me.

How to make a special power of attorney apostille

This info is important for our members who want to have information on their adoption file, family reunion or other request.

Greece uses an Apostille (stamp of Hague convention) which legalizes your order to the representative of Roots Research Center, who will apply and get information on your adoption.

First you need a "Special Power of Attorney" form, which you can get from any business supply store, and have it stamped at a notary. Then you send your filled in special power of attorney to your state capital to get request for the Apostille. They will send you back an Apostille signed officially or with the state stamp by the Secretary of State along with your Special Power of Attorney. It is a state seal that is needed in Greece. It takes usually about 10 working days, and the cost is only 15$.

This document needs to be officially translated into Greek by the special section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and gives the legal order to the representative of RRC to apply for you at any public office and State department. The cost of the translation is on the adoptee.

In case the searcher has to travel to another city the adoptee will bear the costs upon receipts.

Roots is an non profit organization and depends on donations as well as on minimum fees for roots search.

The form should be filled as followed. Please give at least 3 years duration:

I, name, address, passport number and so on……..give the order to Maria Theodoropoulou ,legal representative of Roots Research Center , Dilou 12 str. Kaisariani 16121, to apply and receive documents from public offices and state departments, churches, orphanages and every where else needed on order to search and find my biological family ……( or it depends of what you are requesting for) as the Law 2447/96 gives me the right, as I have Greek origins.
Date, signature

When you have the power of attorney ready please send at the following address registered:
Mary Theodoropoulou
Smirnis 10
Kaisariani 16121-Greece

The bank account number is on Roots Research Center in Greek KENTRO EREYNON RIZES
Account number 84965120
IBAN GR 76 0120 0160 0000 0008 49 65 120

Thank you.